Jean de Mazac


Jean de Mazac – music composer and philosopher (born in 1977 in Czechoslovakia)  is author of a few operas, lot of symphonic, amphitheatrical, and chamber music; of a few philosophical works relating to the humankind and the arts, and founder of the new dramatic form - "drama with music" (according to his own reform of music drama and following the reform of drama by maestro Richard Wagner).

He graduated his studies of conducting, piano, and violoncello, which he finished with the thesis - his 1st philosophical work: "Melody-the law of music".  As a self-taught composer he had been writing the music since his age of seven. Already during his college years he had founded and conducted the chamber orchestra and was also the member of the string quartet in which he played the violoncello. After finishing his studies, for a few years he became the violoncellist and choirmaster at the Slovak State Opera. He had been also actively writing the short philosophical essays for the radio and magazines and earning his living as the piano teacher and by writing the music arrangements.

In 2014,  he won the 1st prize at the International composition competition in Czech Republic with his interactive children singspiel“The Ugly Duckling”  (the unique dramatic form that has never been created before).

Since his ideal of dramatic art-work which should have been contained in his drama with music - “Coriolanus” (by Shakespeare's tragedy) remained unfinished, the peak of his dramatic works is his drama with music in 5 acts -Cyrano de Bergerac.

As for the philosophy, his major works are: Homo altior  and Prophecy on Superhuman.

  Jean de Mazac